April 5, 2020

The Necessity of Praise

Passage: Luke 19:35-40
Service Type:

THEME: Spontaneous, genuine, expressive, and orderly praise to the
Lord is not only ______________ for God’s people, but ___________ for
God’s glory.
FOCUS: You need to sing His praises from your ____________________.
I. The _________________ praise Him.
A. In true praise, Jesus is ________________ _________.
B. In true praise, people ____________ _____________.
C. In true praise, His mighty work is _________________.

II. The ___________________ rebuke them.
A. True praise ____________________ the unrighteous.
B. The unrighteous ______________ to stop true praise.

III. The _______________ approves them.
A. Jesus _________________ to stop praise.
B. Jesus ___________________ that praise must happen.