April 19, 2020

The Dreadful Downfall of a Servant of God

Passage: 2 Kings 5:20-27
Service Type:

THEME: Those who are amid God’s power and blessing can be most
liable to _________________.
FOCUS: You need to pursue God with all your ___________________.

I. Gehazi’s religion was not _____________________________.
A. Gehazi’s religion was __________________________.
B. Gehazi was __________________ (selfish, idolatrous).

II. Gehazi’s sin was _____________________________.
A. He chased worldly _____________________.
B. He _______________ to get what he wanted.
C. He _____________________ to cover his sin.
D. He _____________________ the Lord’s work.

III. Gehazi’s sin was _____________________________.

IV. Gehazi’s sin was _____________________________.