August 29, 2021

Being Baptist – Distinctives That Matter – Intro Week 2

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The last few minitues of the lesson are missing due to a battery dying.
Here are the notes for the last slide that was cut off:

No short cuts
Not proof-texting when we should be looking to scripture to provide answers, no scripture to back up our own conclusions.
2:15 – What effort should we put into study?
Our Utmost! “Study” = to have diligence or “give haste”
2:16-18 – How do we deal with false doctrine”
Shun and Correct
24-26 – What could happen if we correct with humility and patience?
Repentance, know the truth, come to their senses, escape the snare of Satan.

Our goal should never be to embarrass or “told you so” when instructing and correcting those who oppose the Bible. The goal is repentance and knowledge of God’s Truth.

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