September 12, 2021

Being Baptist – Distinctives That Matter – Believer Baptism

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Due to some technical difficulty, the recording was cut short starting on slide 13.  Here are some notes to cover 13 through the end.
Slide 13:

  • Baptist practice single immersion
    Some Anabaptist groups practice trine immersion, that is 3 times the dunking.
    Father, Son, Holy Spirit
    Does that make sense?
    Since baptism is a symbol of Christ death, burial, and resurrection, trine immersion destroys the symbolism by either:
    Making Christ out to have died, been buried, and resurrected three times
    Or, inferring that the Father and the Holy Spirit also died for our sins. They most certainly did not.
  • As a preview of summing weeks, only single immersed believers should be received as members of a Baptist Church; not rebaptized but rather Biblically Baptized.

Slide 14:

  • The early church maintained immersion well after the Apostolic Era. Earliest church documents indicated that believers were immersed.

Slide 18:

  • An early Christian document Didache or The Teachings of the Twelve Apostles, defined baptism by immersion as the preferred method. Exceptions were only granted in emergency times of drought with very little water.  At that time, water poured 3x was prescribed.
  • Later, “Clinic Baptism” came into fashion as baptism of the sick and dying by pouring was practiced. After some time, that become the common practice for the church particularly in the west (ROME) while the east (Greek) still practiced immersion.
  • Historical evidence is not a determining factor for church Faith and Order but it does illustrate that the earliest church fathers understood the New Testament to require immersion,.

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