To the Glory of God

March 21, 2021

Remember the Judgment

March 15, 2021
Theme: True Chriatians will endure suffering for God, believing that He will save their souls in the final judgment. Focus: You need to continue to do right regardless of circumstances,…

Gospel Power

March 14, 2021
Theme: A vibrant Christian fail is evidence of God's power in our lives. Focus: You need to examine your life for biblical evidences of His power.
Theme: Human depravity, left unchecked, will descend to the lowest point. Focus: You need to avoid being influenced by a depraved culture.

Be Single-Minded

February 28, 2021
Theme: The double-minded are rejected by God while those with a single-minded focus are preserved. Focus: You need to have a single-minded focus on God's Word.
Theme: Your prayer should reflect God's character.

Arm Yourself

February 7, 2021
Theme: You need to have Christ's mindset regarding suffering.
Theme: Those who walk with the Lord are exalted while those who defy Him are judged. Focus: You need to walk with God to be exalted and to avoid judgment.
Theme: God's presence has life-altering consequences in our lives. Focus: You should seek communication with God, prepare to hear revelation from God, and understand that He expects you to have…

Suffering and Testimony

January 24, 2021
Theme: Suffering for righteousness can be used as an opportunity for witness. Focus: All will suffer, so suffer for righteousness, and view it as an opportunity to testify of Christ.
Theme: God's covenant is based entirely on His grace but does require obedience. Focus: You need to accept His gracious gift of eternal life and respond with grateful obedience.
Theme: A relationship with Almighty God has blessings and expectations. Focus: You should revel in the blessings of your relationship with God as you seek to meet His expectations.

God’s Special Operators

January 10, 2021

Husbands: Honor Your Wives!

January 3, 2021
Theme: Husbands will be blessed of God when they honor their wives. Focus: You need to understand and fulfill your role in God's earthly order so as to receive His…
Theme: The all-knowing and all-powerful God chooses to take notice of seemingly insignificant people. Focus: You need to understand that God knows intimately and desires to work in your life.
Theme: God promises renewed strength to the faithful. Focus: you need to wait patently for God to renew your strength.

Gabriel’s Message

December 20, 2020
Theme: When God reaches out to humanity and gives grace it is cause for rejoicing. Focus: You need to recognize that God is reaching out to you and rejoice in…

The Impact of the Child

December 13, 2020

The Announcement to Joseph

December 13, 2020
Theme: God used Joseph because he was a just, thinking, and obedient man. Focus: In order to be used of the Lord, you need to be growing in justice, thoughtfulness,…