THEME:  Compromising believers live tragic lives. FOCUS:  You need to flee worldliness.
Theme: As the reality of the resurrection begins to dawn on the believers, the respond appropriately. Focus: You need to have the same positive responses to the resurrection that the…
Theme: Jesus' death on the cross opened the way for mankind to enter God's presence. Focus: Because of Jesus' sacrificial death on the cross, you have the opportunity to cultivate…

The King’s Triumph

March 28, 2021
Theme: Jesus openly demonstrates acceptance of His role as Messiah. Focus: You need to acknowledge Jesus' heaven given right to rule your life.

To the Glory of God

March 21, 2021

Remember the Judgment

March 15, 2021
Theme: True Chriatians will endure suffering for God, believing that He will save their souls in the final judgment. Focus: You need to continue to do right regardless of circumstances,…

Gospel Power

March 14, 2021
Theme: A vibrant Christian fail is evidence of God's power in our lives. Focus: You need to examine your life for biblical evidences of His power.
Theme: Human depravity, left unchecked, will descend to the lowest point. Focus: You need to avoid being influenced by a depraved culture.

Be Single-Minded

February 28, 2021
Theme: The double-minded are rejected by God while those with a single-minded focus are preserved. Focus: You need to have a single-minded focus on God's Word.
Theme: Your prayer should reflect God's character.

Arm Yourself

February 7, 2021
Theme: You need to have Christ's mindset regarding suffering.
Theme: Those who walk with the Lord are exalted while those who defy Him are judged. Focus: You need to walk with God to be exalted and to avoid judgment.
Theme: God's presence has life-altering consequences in our lives. Focus: You should seek communication with God, prepare to hear revelation from God, and understand that He expects you to have…

Suffering and Testimony

January 24, 2021
Theme: Suffering for righteousness can be used as an opportunity for witness. Focus: All will suffer, so suffer for righteousness, and view it as an opportunity to testify of Christ.
Theme: God's covenant is based entirely on His grace but does require obedience. Focus: You need to accept His gracious gift of eternal life and respond with grateful obedience.
Theme: A relationship with Almighty God has blessings and expectations. Focus: You should revel in the blessings of your relationship with God as you seek to meet His expectations.

God’s Special Operators

January 10, 2021

Husbands: Honor Your Wives!

January 3, 2021
Theme: Husbands will be blessed of God when they honor their wives. Focus: You need to understand and fulfill your role in God's earthly order so as to receive His…
Theme: The all-knowing and all-powerful God chooses to take notice of seemingly insignificant people. Focus: You need to understand that God knows intimately and desires to work in your life.
Theme: God promises renewed strength to the faithful. Focus: you need to wait patently for God to renew your strength.

Gabriel’s Message

December 20, 2020
Theme: When God reaches out to humanity and gives grace it is cause for rejoicing. Focus: You need to recognize that God is reaching out to you and rejoice in…

The Impact of the Child

December 13, 2020

The Announcement to Joseph

December 13, 2020
Theme: God used Joseph because he was a just, thinking, and obedient man. Focus: In order to be used of the Lord, you need to be growing in justice, thoughtfulness,…
Theme: Every believer is guilty of sin when he acts apart from faith in God. Focus: You need to prioritize God's will in every action you take.

A Gentle and Quiet Spirit

November 29, 2020
Theme: Christian women can glorify God in their families and their communities through a submissive spirit. Focus: You need to strive for personal godliness which will influence your outward actions…

A Lamp to My Feet

November 29, 2020
Theme: The Word of God is of inestimable value on life's path. Focus: You need to incline your heart to keep His Word.

Submission of Servants

November 22, 2020
Theme: You should expect to suffer for righteousness and bear it with Christlikeness.
THEME: Our Lord exhibited thankfulness to God during His earthly ministry. FOCUS: You need to learn from Jesus what to be thankful for.

Submission to Government

November 15, 2020
Theme: Christians must live in submission to the governmental authority, as much as possible, for the Lord's sake. Focus: You need to exhibit good citizenship and good works publicly for…
Theme: God gives the believer multiple assurances tat He will keep His promises. Focus: You need to fully embrace the promises of Scripture.

Honorable Conduct

November 8, 2020
Theme: Because of our exalted status in Christ, we must live a sincerely holy life before the world so that God will be glorified. Focus: You need to live a…
Theme: God accounts faith in His Word as righteousness. Focus: You need to be sure that you have faith in God's revealed Word, the Bible.

John 9:35-41

November 1, 2020

The Gospel of Jesus

October 25, 2020

Consequences of Disobedience

October 18, 2020

Holy Living

October 18, 2020

I Chronicles 4:9-10

October 11, 2020

Proverbs 3:1-13

October 11, 2020

Theme: While the world offers temperal blessing, Christ offers eternal blessing. Focus: You need to choose heavenly blessing.

Life From Death

September 27, 2020
Theme: New life is available through the God of Elisha.
Theme: When the world is out of control and compromising believers are swept away, God gives faithful believers spectacular victories. Focus: Be faithful to God and act decisively with faith…

Faith Acts!

September 20, 2020
Theme: Our lack of active faith will limit our effectiveness for God.
Theme: The believer's life revolves around God's promises.

The Reasons for Holy Conduct

September 13, 2020
Theme: Those who claim Christ as Savior must let their lifestyle reflect their gratefulness for His sacrifice on their behalf and their awareness of God's judgement of them. Focus: You…

The Preeminent Christ

September 13, 2020
THEME: Jesus Christ is preeminent because He is God, Creator, and Sustainer of all things. FOCUS: Since God made Christ preeminent in creation, you should keep Him preeminent in your…

It’s NOT Peace!

September 6, 2020
Theme: Our God is a God of vengeance. Focus: You need to fear God's vengeance and, at the same time, rest in it!
THEME: Sometimes it is necessary to separate from a brother. FOCUS: You need to know when to separate from other believers.
Theme: Then God gives a prophesy, it will be fulfilled in His Time. Focus: You should pay attention to unfulfilled prophesies and anticipate seeing God fulfill them.
THEME: Fully embracing God's word gives wisdom, causes obedience, and results in genuine happiness. FOCUS: You need to fully embrace God's word for a genuinely happy life.

Holy God: Holy People

August 23, 2020
Theme: A holy God has redeemed our souls and expects us to reflect His character in our conduct. Focus: You should work seriously to reflect God's character in your conduct.
THEME/FOCUS: The best place for the believer is in the center of God's will.

The Role of the Prophets

August 16, 2020
THEME: We are blessed because God's gospel plan, which was partly revealed to the ancient prophets, has now been fully revealed to us. FOCUS: You should be joyful that we…
THEME: The believer descends into sin when he ceases to follow God's lead. FOCUS: Trust God to lead you through difficult circumstances.
THEME: God is sovereign over the affairs of men. FOCUS: Recognize God's ruling hand in history, current events, and daily circumstances.
THEME: Despite negative circumstances, God shows evidence that He is working. FOCUS: Learn to focus on reasons for faith, not reasons against faith.

God Protects His Own

August 2, 2020
THEME: God protects His own people through prophecy and providence. FOCUS: Heed the Word of God and trust in His providential care.
Theme: God has an active relationship with every true believer.

Windows in Heaven

July 26, 2020
Theme: God's word always comes true, despite seeming impossibilities. Focus: Learn what the word says and determine to obey regardless of circumstance.
Theme: Despite the sinfulness of humanity, God intervenes in human history with the intention of showing mercy. Focus: You need to recognize that God is reaching out to you despite…

The Vibrant Christian

July 19, 2020
Theme: The vibrant Christian has a testimony that cannot be contained.
Theme: God initiated His eternal plan to save mankind through the man Abraham.
Theme: Glory to God for His power and wisdom in revealing the mystery of the gospel to all humanity. Focus: You need to marvel at God's plan to save mankind…

Hope for the Nations

July 5, 2020
Theme: God's wrath falls on the nations that rebel against Him, but His blessing is for those who honor His son. Focus: Realize that there is hope for our nation…

Rejoicing in Trials

June 28, 2020
Theme/Focus: Genuine faith should allow you to rejoice and cause you to endure despite trials.

Father’s Day

June 21, 2020

Theme/ Focus: We can defeat Satan's attempts to divide the church by vigilance, wisdom, and obedience.
Theme: God graciously delivers from the consequences of sin. Focus: Expect God to deliver you.
Theme: God's Word is eternal, unchangeable truth. Focus: Accept that God's Word stands, and let that fact control your life.
FOCUS: You need to have a Biblical focus in bad times and focus on what God wants you to focus on.

Reactions to Sin

May 24, 2020
Reactions to Sin 2 Kings 6:24-7:2 THEME: Sin always has _______________________________. FOCUS: Choose to avoid sin and ____________ genuine faith. I. God _____________________________ sin. A. Sin results in great ______________.…

The People of God

May 24, 2020
Romans 16:1-16; 21-24 Theme: The people of God are _____________ by their relationships and commended for their activities. Focus: _____________ in your relationships in the church and be active for…
His Power and Goodness 2 Kings 6:18-23 THEME: God reveals His power and His goodness. I. God reveals His power. A. Power is rooted in_______________________. B. God controls ___________________________. C.…
Prayers for Ministry Romans 15:30-33 THEME/FOCUS: Christians must _______________ _________________ in prayer for Christian ministries and ministers. I. What prayers for ministry are ___________________________. A. For _________________ from opposition of…

A Woman Used of God

May 10, 2020
A Woman Used of God Judges 13 Theme: God is pleased to use ordinary people of faith for His glory. Focus: Have faith that God can, and will, use you.…
THEME: Despite satanic _____________, God miraculously protects His people. FOCUS: You need to have ______________ in God’s protecting hand. I. God protects through His __________________. A. God ____________________ Israel’s king.…

Gospel Ministry

May 3, 2020
Gospel Ministry Rom. 15:22-29 THEM: Healthy gospel ministry focuses on blessing others. FOCUS: You need to participate in gospel ministry to others. I. Gospel ministry is focused on ___________________________. A.…
Dealing with Ministry Growth 2 Kings 6:1-7 THEME: God _________________ deals with the difficulties of a growing ministry. FOCUS: You need to respond in __________ to the challenges of a…

Gospel Effectiveness

April 26, 2020
Gospel Effectiveness Romans 15:14-21 THEME: Paul’s ministry was effective because he was diligent, focused, and empowered. FOCUS: You need to be effective in your gospel witness. I. You need to…
THEME: Those who are amid God’s power and blessing can be most liable to _________________. FOCUS: You need to pursue God with all your ___________________. I. Gehazi’s religion was not…

Unified by Hope

April 19, 2020
Unified by Hope Rom. 15:8-13 THEME: God is actively unifying His church through hope. FOCUS: You need to let God fill you with hope. I. Through what ______________ is God…
The Resurrection: Foundation of the Faith 1 Corinthians 15:1-8   THEME: The resurrection is a basic and indispensable element of the gospel message.   FOCUS: Belief in the resurrection is…

A Transformed Life

April 5, 2020
THEME: Saving faith results in a transformation in heart and actions. FOCUS: You need to examine yourself for changes caused by the Lord. I. Naaman was humbled by God. II.…

The Necessity of Praise

April 5, 2020
THEME: Spontaneous, genuine, expressive, and orderly praise to the Lord is not only ______________ for God’s people, but ___________ for God’s glory. FOCUS: You need to sing His praises from…

What God Really Requires

March 29, 2020
THEME: Humanity expects to earn favor with God, but God wants only humility and faith. FOCUS: You need to constantly focus on humility and faith to be right with God.…
Theme: In times of persecution, the righteous wait patiently for God to fulfill His Word. Psalm 119:81-88 FOCUS: We need to endure hardship with solid faith in God’s Word. I.…

Bear with the Weak

March 22, 2020
Theme: Strong believers are obligated and privileged to bear with the weaker brethren. I.            Bear with the weak because of Christ's example. A.          Jesus set aside His rights.…

Love Limits Liberty

March 15, 2020
Theme: As Christians, we have broad liberty: but love and peace in the church are infinitely more important than our rights.
Theme: Effective ministry to people requires genuine love for them.
Theme: Gospel messengers should be bold in speech and pure in motive.

Living Stones – Part 2

March 1, 2020
Theme: To unbelievers, Jesus is a roadblock; to believers, Jesus is the foundation to build on.
Theme: Avoid controversy with other Christians on non-essential issues, since each of us will answer directly to God. Due to technical issues, the first 10 minutes were not recorded.

Living Stones

February 23, 2020
Theme: To unbelievers, Jesus is a roadblock. To believers, Jesus is a foundation to build on.
Theme: Since time is short, you need to wake up and change.

A Living Portfolio

February 16, 2020

Standing Tall

February 16, 2020

The King’s Letter

February 9, 2020
Theme: The world fails to recognize the true power and character of God.

Proverbs on Child Rearing

February 9, 2020
Theme: Diligent, godly child rearing is rewarded by the Lord.

Hope in Crisis

February 2, 2020
Theme: God can use crisis to make people open to Him.
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