A Transformed Life

April 5, 2020
2 Kings 5:15-19 THEME: Saving faith results in a transformation in heart and actions. FOCUS: You need to examine yourself for changes caused by the Lord. I. Naaman was humbled…

The Necessity of Praise

April 5, 2020
The Necessity of Praise Luke 19:35-40 THEME: Spontaneous, genuine, expressive, and orderly praise to the Lord is not only ______________ for God’s people, but ___________ for God’s glory. FOCUS: You…

What God Really Requires

March 29, 2020
THEME: Humanity expects to earn favor with God, but God wants only humility and faith. FOCUS: You need to constantly focus on humility and faith to be right with God.…
Theme: In times of persecution, the righteous wait patiently for God to fulfill His Word. Psalm 119:81-88 FOCUS: We need to endure hardship with solid faith in God’s Word. I.…

Bear with the Weak

March 22, 2020
Theme: Strong believers are obligated and privileged to bear with the weaker brethren. I.            Bear with the weak because of Christ's example. A.          Jesus set aside His rights.…

Love Limits Liberty

March 15, 2020
Theme: As Christians, we have broad liberty: but love and peace in the church are infinitely more important than our rights.
Theme: Effective ministry to people requires genuine love for them.
Theme: Gospel messengers should be bold in speech and pure in motive.

Living Stones – Part 2

March 1, 2020
Theme: To unbelievers, Jesus is a roadblock; to believers, Jesus is the foundation to build on.
Theme: Avoid controversy with other Christians on non-essential issues, since each of us will answer directly to God. Due to technical issues, the first 10 minutes were not recorded.

Living Stones

February 23, 2020
Theme: To unbelievers, Jesus is a roadblock. To believers, Jesus is a foundation to build on.
Theme: Since time is short, you need to wake up and change.

A Living Portfolio

February 16, 2020

Standing Tall

February 16, 2020

The King’s Letter

February 9, 2020
Theme: The world fails to recognize the true power and character of God.

Proverbs on Child Rearing

February 9, 2020
Theme: Diligent, godly child rearing is rewarded by the Lord.

Hope in Crisis

February 2, 2020
Theme: God can use crisis to make people open to Him.
THEME: A living sacrifice loves lawfully.

The Eternal Gospel

January 26, 2020
Theme: Our faith in the eternal gospel should result in genuine love for fellow Christians.

God Answers Prayer

January 19, 2020

Theme: Human government is ordained by God, and God expects all to live in subjection to it.
Plan to do good in all things.

1-26 Evening

January 12, 2020
Theme: God can multiply gifts given in faith.
Theme: That which seems wholesome can, in fact, be deadly.
Theme: A "living sacrifice" exhibits genuine love.
Theme: God desires for you to live right, be kind, and develop your relationship with Him.

The Announcement to Joseph

December 22, 2019

The Virgin Birth

December 22, 2019

Theme: God delights to walk through Godly people.

The Impact of the Child

December 15, 2019

A Mother’s Faith

December 8, 2019
Theme: Faith is hope in the direst circumstances.

A Servant’s Heart

December 8, 2019
THEME: The Bible requires church deacons to be wise, Spirit-filled people.

Desire Pure Milk

December 1, 2019
Theme: Those who have experienced God's grace should put off sin and crave God's word to grow.

The Power of the Word

December 1, 2019
Theme: The Word sown has the inherent power that, with time, always produces fruit.

God Is GOD!

November 24, 2019
Theme: Knowledge of our God and His character should cause us to be enraptured in our worship of Him.

Mary’s Psalm of Thanksgiving

November 24, 2019
THEME: Praise grows out of meditation on God's character and actions toward mankind.

A Notable Woman

November 17, 2019
Theme: God blesses and uses a woman with a servant's heart.
THEME: Spiritual gifts are to be used unselfishly for the benefit of God's church.

God’s True Church

November 10, 2019
25th Anniversary of Charity Baptist Church's building with founding pastor Kirk Wesselink
Theme: Our God delights in paying our unpayable debt.

How to Make God Smile!

November 3, 2019
Theme: God is pleased when we allow Him to transform our lives.
Theme: Complete victory is lost when Israel fails to obey God.
Theme: Because of God's great mercy for you, it is only natural that you should live for Him.

A Heavenly Mindset

October 20, 2019
Theme: Realization of our current and future status in Christ should drive us to seek eternal blessing.
Theme: Jesus' miraculous powers demonstrated the truth of His claims.

A Simple Thing

October 13, 2019
Theme: God is powerful to deliver us as He chooses.
THEME: Our attitude toward forgiveness communicates what our relationship to God is. FOCUS: You need to be willing to seek God's forgiveness as well as forgive all who have wronged…

October 6, 2019
Missionary to Taiwan brings this mornings message.

Benefits of Loving the Word

September 29, 2019
THEME: God benefits those who lovingly obey His Word.

All We Need is a Vision

September 22, 2019

We Have All the Gifts We Need

September 22, 2019

We Have All the Grace We Need

September 22, 2019

The Good Neighbor

September 18, 2019

Two Responses to Hardship

September 15, 2019
THEME: In hardship, the godly man sees God as his deliverer but the godless man sees Him as his judge.

Glorious Dependency

September 15, 2019
THEME: The Christian is dependent on God for all his needs, both physical and spiritual.

A Foolish Expedition

September 8, 2019
THEME: Any Endeavor that Excludes God is Foolish
THEME: True prayer is an act of recognizing God as supreme.
THEME: God works through spiritual tragedy and triumph to ultimately glorify Himself and build His church.